Class    Schedule​

All classes are tailored to the needs of the folks in the room. So if you’ve been practicing for some time and want to take it up a notch, feel free to deepen your practice,If you’re brand new to yoga, take this time to learn the basics of the practice. Most important is that you listen to your body.​​

​No pre-registration required. If you are joining us for the first time please arrive a few minues early to fill out new Client paperwork.​
​Or you can Click the button below and fill out new client information and waiver.

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6am Good Day Asana {Christine}
9:30am Hatha Mixed {Christine}
4:30pm Gentle Yoga {Carolyn}
6pm Hatha Mixed {Carolyn}
9:30am Hatha Mixed {Christine}
6pm Align and Refine {Christine}

6am Good Day Asana {Christine}
9:30am Hatha Mixed {Christine} ​​
​6pm Community Class {Christine}




9:30am Hatha Mixed {Christine}
6pm Align and Refine {Christine}
6am Good Day Asana {Carolyn}
9:30am Hatha Mixed {Carolyn}
4:30pm Gentle Yoga {Christine C}
7am Good Day Asana {Christine}
9am Hatha Mixed {Carolyn}
10:30am Align and Refine {Carolyn}


​9am Hatha Mixed {Christine}
10:30am Yin Yoga {Bonnie}  

​​Private   Yoga   Sessions
Learn how to work with any injuries or conditions you might have, that in the past, might have made you hesitant to attend a group class.
Learn how to modify poses in a way that is unique to your body, proper alignment, how to properly use props, learn challenging poses with one-on-one support.

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By appointment only. Book your appointment(s) here . If you can't find an available time, call/text or email us.

​​​Book   Your   Own   Group   Class
Minimum of 6 people

Great for Sports Teams, Wedding party's, Teachers, Students home from school/reunion with old friends, the possibilities are endless!

It can be as simple as your schedule doesn't allow you to take classes at traditional class times, now you have the freedom to create your own class with a group, of friends.

The cost is $12 per person . Book By Email